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Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Further Reflections on Revision

      With the feed back that I recieved, and with what I already felt, I need to the information I have better in order to be able to cite ideas with in the paper. I have already ordered more books and articles from the library to asist my scourse as well as found specific passages to support some passages that needed citing. I also need to continue to follow through with the thought process of the paper and further anylze and discuss the debate both historically and presently and tie them together within the light of how knowlege and the science of gaining knowlegde evolve and what and who influences this process.
      Two of goals that were highlighted on my feed back were:
1.Understand and avoid plagerism or the appearance if plagerims and cite research in the established documentation style.
2.Grapple and analyze complex, nuanced arguments and texts.
I think that knowlege and awareness of these two goals can bee seen in the first paragraph. From here I think it is all about puting the rest of what I have researched down in writing (and making sure everything is properlty cited in the process) and tying the whole thing together conceptualy at the end.

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...Here there be Quaternions...

...Here there be Quaternions...
The plaque from the bridge where Sir William Rowan Hamilton first discovered Quaternions.